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  1. Wayne


    Hello Michael, Welcome to TokHaar!
  2. Wayne

    Delta Here

    Welcome to TokHaar! 👋
  3. Wayne


    Greetings TokHaar, Wayne here! 👋 -Found out about TokHaar through an RSPS Adv, Discord.. *Super happy I clicked the link! The forum & user ranks look FANTASTIC! -Well done @Chance I'm 27 years old (From Texas, United States) -No kids, No Wife, Happy Life.. 😅 I've been around RSPS's for nearly 10 years now -Planning to do another 10 more (Who knows) The update(s) so far look spot on! Happy to see some quality work being developed TokHaar honestly seems very promising to me. I can't wait to see you all in-game!