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  1. Cheung


    Welcome to the community! Glad to have you here. :) -I look forward to playing the beta with you.
  2. Cheung

    Delta Here

    Sweet @Delta, Known for a while now, great guy IMO. Glad to have you here with us! -Welcome to TokHaar!
  3. So far so good, keep it up man, i see great things ahead.
  4. Hello everyone, I love playing Pre-Scape. but while I am AFK, I play Fortnite! I play on Xbox One. I can play cross platform as well though. My Xbox gamertag is below, feel free to add me.! Xbox Live Gamertag - R3acti0n XD "R3acti0n XD"
  5. Cheung

    Cheung Here!

    Hello there, I go by Cheung, Carlos in real life. I have been apart of the RSPS community for well over 7+ years. I have seen major servers rise & fall, and stood by most major developers. I have gone by the usernames of (Cheung, R3acti0n, Finalflair12, & Finalflair). If you know me from anywhere else such as Rune-Server, please shoot me a PM, I'd love to catch up! Well off that topic, I am 22 years old & will turn 23 in December. I live in FL, USA, Have been all my life. I have a love for Baseball, Boxing & Computing. I have been looking for a new time worthy server & I think I have found it! .. (TokHaar) .. I have seen so much content being added to TokHaar along with so much hype toward the release from the whole RSPS community & I just cant wait for the official release to make gains and meet plenty NEW & OLD faces. I really look forward to skilling, as TokHaar is suppose to be the most sophisticated HD OSRS server to date! Anyway, good luck to everyone, and lets get ready to beast through the ranks! Feel free to ask/reply any questions and/or pm me for further discussion. **ALL ABOARD ALL TokHaarians!** Thanks, Cheung.
  6. Cheung


    Wow, nice to see you here @Wayne ! Glad to be here with fellow rsps comunes. :) -Cant wait to see you in game during betas.
  7. Cheung

    Taco Lover

    Nice to meet you, good to be here. I just joined myself. :)
  8. Glad to be here, cant wait for some BETA Tests!